Feeding Tampa Bay

In the Tampa Bay area, 250,000 children go hungry every day 
 – an issue that is particularly daunting during the summer when meals are scarce. Children that typically receive free or reduced school lunches no longer receive these meals. Already tight family budgets are stretched even thinner, and sacrifices in the quality and freshness of food are made.

Your referral is not just filling the stomachs of our hungry
neighbors, but also nourishing their lives. Long-term hunger has many side effects, including health problems. Unfortunately, these side effects are more severe for children. For them, missing meals means lack of proper nutrients. A lack of necessary vitamins and minerals can lead to developmental issues and behavioral problems, which in turn can create academic challenges.  Without access to a consistent food supply, this cycle continues to escalate and get worse.

YOUR HOME SOLD TEAM is on a mission to raise $10,000 for Feeding Tamp Bay. For every dollar donated = 10 meals for children, men/women and elder’s who are experiencing Food Insecurity. Feeding Tampa Bay does a tremendous job of providing the food and support needed to the organizations, churches, food banks that are making a difference in combating this food shortage crisis. To help we are donating a portion of each referral that closes to this very worthy cause. Your referrals truly matter! If you know anyone considering buying/selling or investing in real estate, please consider sending them to my winning real estate sales team. We promise to treat them like gold!

You can enter the names and numbers of your referrals here, and we will take care of them promptly or simply call or text us @727-350-7003 or email laura@yourhomesoldfl.com.

By taking the time to refer people who need help in real estate this, in turn, helps those in need, you are not only providing these children a meal but an opportunity for a brighter future. Your referrals are in good hands and help us contribute to a good cause, THANK YOU!